Dressing Room Fun

Rating: nc17
Pairing: Sehun/Luhan
Length: 1.4k
Summary: Since it's Sehun's birthday, Luhan can't say 'no'.

As a birthday present to his boyfriend, Luhan made a promise to go shopping with him. It took a lot of pleading from the younger to get him to go because Luhan didn't like to go shopping with his boyfriend. Sehun spent way too much money on his hyung.

Luhan came from a poor family so when his father got offered a higher paying job in South Korea they had no choice but to move there. They moved during the summer so that Luhan would have time to adjust to the language and culture. When high school started, it only took two weeks for him to fall in love with one of his underclassmen, Oh Sehun. Sehun thought he was being secretive when he was giving the older boy secret admirer notes and gifts. Luhan eventually figured it out and confronted the younger. When Sehun's hyung agreed to date him he only decided to shower the older boy with more gifts and adoration. Luhan constantly told the other boy that he didn't need anymore gifts.

The two of them had been dating for a month when Sehun admitted that he was next in line to become the CEO of Oh Corporations. It made sense to Luhan now why Sehun had so much money. He didn't feel as guilty knowing that the younger had a lot of spending abilities, but he still didn't want so many gifts.

A year and a half passed quickly for the young couple and now in the present, they were going shopping. Luhan dreaded it because if he even showed the smallest amount of interest in an item then the younger boy would buy it for him no matter how much he protested. He couldn't say ‘no’ to going shopping though because it was Sehun's birthday.

Before Sehun arrived to pick Luhan up. The older boy made Sehun his favorite kind of coffee. When he saw the black Audi pull up in his driveway, he grabbed his phone and the small present on the counter. Luhan had known that Sehun's wallet was worn out so that's why he got a new wallet for a birthday gift.

The first thing he did when he got outside was give the birthday boy a soft peck on the lips. Once Luhan was in the car, he handed the wrapped gift to the driver. Sehun was excited to get a gift from his hyung so he didn't hesitate to rip it open the second he had it in hand. A huge smile spread across his face and he kissed his hyung in gratitude.

“Thank you, hyung.” Sehun said happily.

“You're welcome, Sehunnie. It's not much, but I hope you like it.”

“It's perfect! I would've been satisfied just spending the day with you.”

Luhan's heart swelled at the sweet words of his boyfriend.

When they arrived at the mall, Sehun took Luhan's hand in his. They decided to go to Hot Topic first because the store was empty besides the checkout lady. The first thing Sehun did was walk up the a pair of ripped, black skinny jeans and pulled them off the rack. He held them in front of his boyfriend and grinned.

“Sehun! It's your birthday. We are shopping for you, not me.”

“You're right. It is my birthday, so you have to do what I say, hyung.” Sehun said while looking at the shorter with lust filled eyes.

The tension in the air rose and Luhan knew that Sehun's personality had switched from nice to naughty. His heart beat faster because he liked this side of his boyfriend just as much as the nice side.

The first time Sehun switched personalities was on their 7th date and he slammed the smaller against his bedroom door and pressed their lips together in a heated kiss. Tongues fought and hands grabbed. That was the day that Luhan learned that his boyfriend wasn't so innocent.

Sehun continued to pick out clothes for the other boy. Luhan saw the glint in the younger's eyes which terrified and excited him at the same time. The eldest decided to look at sunglasses while Sehun wandered to the other side of the store. When Sehun came back, he had a pile of clothes in his arms and a suggestive smirk on his face.

*We should go and try these on.”

“O-okay.” the older complied.

The lady at the checkout walked back with them to unlock the dressing room. Luhan went in alone at first, but when the lady left, Sehun snuck in too. Luhan couldn't hold back his soft giggles anymore. He felt like a bad boy and he couldn't help his reaction. When Sehun heard the soft sound he started laughing a little louder.

They instantly shut up the moment they heard footsteps though.

“Is everything alright back here.”

“Y-yes!” Luhan nearly yelped.

“Where did your friend go?” the nosey lady asked.

“Umm….he left to get…….tampons for his mom.”

Sehun gave his boyfriend a ‘what the hell’ look and Luhan just shrugged.

“Okay,” the lady said,”If you need any help let me know.”


After that incident they decided to try the clothes on silently. Luhan took his jacket off and threw it at Sehun to hold. Then he pulled his shirt off. Next he turned around and slowly pulled his pants off in a teasing way. The perfect view of his boyfriends backside had Sehun's pants getting tighter in a certain area.

Every outfit that Luhan tried on looked gorgeous on him and Sehun said he was going to buy them all. The older complained that they wouldn't fit in his closet. Luhan took off what he thought was his last item to try on and looked at the bench. On it was a pair of light pink panties with a little bit of lace. He glared at the younger boy.

“Don't even think about it.”

“But hyung, it's my birthday.” Sehun whined, using his best set of puppy eyes which were reserved only for times that he wanted something really bad.

Luhan sighed and said,”Fine, but you have to close your eyes while I change.”

The younger diligently closed his eyes. The sounds of fabric being removed could still be heard and that set Sehun's imagination on fire.

“I'm done.”

Sehun opened his eyes to an extremely tantalizing sight. Luhan couldn't look the other in the eye and was blushing like crazy. The tightness of the panties only made it more obvious at how turned on he was. The pink was perfect against his pale, milky skin.

Sehun reached out and ran a warm hand from bare thighs to the lace hem of the panties. Then he squeezed the other waist and pulled him closer. He started pressing kisses to the smaller chest. Luhan whimpered when Sehun sucked a nipple into his mouth and ran his tongue over the little nub multiple times. He proceeded to massage the bulge in the panties and he got a stifled moan in return. Just when Luhan was going to say ‘stop’ the sound got stuck in his throat. Sehun's hand had made its way into the back of the panties and his talented fingers started rubbing across his puffy rim. Luhan had tears of pleasure in his eyes and he knew that he had to stop the other before he wrecked the merchandise.

“S-stop! I'm going to ruin the panties!” Sehun sighed and gave up because he didn't want to explain what would've happened if they hadn't stopped to the already suspicious checkout lady.

While Luhan was putting his clothes back on Sehun was buying the clothes, including the panties and another pair that Luhan would find out about later.

“How was your tampon shopping? I didn't even see you come back in.” the lady said with a suspicious tone.

“Good. You must have not noticed me come back in because you were too busy on your phone. What would manager think of that?”

The lady's eyes widened in shock. She didn't say another word.

After their dressing room fun, they went out to the car because Sehun was getting impatient. When the finally got in the car, Sehun slammed their lips together. He bit Luhan's lower lip and snuck his tongue into the others hot cavern. Their tongues fought and Sehun let the elder win the battle. As a reward, Luhan reached between his boyfriends legs and squeezed the hardness. Sehun outright growled.

“Let's go home.”

The birthday boy's eyes were hooded in lust and Luhan knew he was in for a wild ride.

Camping Trip

Rating: NC17
Pairing: Baekhyun/Chen
Length: 1.2k
Summary: Jongdae screws up once again.....

Jongdae had never been camping before, but that's what Baekhyun was for. He had begged the elder to take his camping over the weekend. He finally got Baekhyun to agree when he got down on his knees and begged and gave his boyfriend a little something extra too.

They were in Baekhyun's Jeep, driving to one of the best campsites in Busan. Jongdae was practically shaking in excitement. He wanted to experience everything. Putting up the tent, making a fire, swimming, eating s’mores, and cuddling with his boyfriend in the tent.

When they arrived at the campsite, Jongdae was so excited that when he tried to get out of the vehicle he opened the door and fell on his face. Baekhyun didn't do anything but stand there and laugh. When he picked himself off of the ground he still had a smile on his dirt smudged face.

They went to the management cabin and checked out a space for them to set up their tent. After paying, they grabbed all of the camping materials out of the Jeep and brought it over to their camping lot.

They worked together to put the tent up. It was going well until Jongdae’s belt got stuck on the zipper of the tent and he pulled the whole thing down. Baekhyun told his boyfriend to go find wood while he finished putting up the tent.

He had to pay 10 bucks for a bundle of wood and he had to drag it back. He still had a smile on his face. By the time he had gotten back the sun was already setting. It wouldn't have taken him that long to get back to the site if he hadn't stopped to stare at a dead butterfly in the middle of the road.

Baekhyun says that Jongdae get distracted easily, but Jongdae doesn't agree. He thinks he only gets distracted when it's something important, like a dead butterfly.

Jongdae sat on a log as he watched his boyfriend set fire to a pile of wood. They talked and roasted hot dogs just like the people in the movies would. The whole night, Jongdae sat by the other listening to him retell previous camping stories. Jongdae’s favorite one was the time Baekhyun got himself locked in the porta potty.

It was around eleven at night and all the neighboring tents had been filled by the sound of sleeping visitors snores. The two boys had decided to put the fire out and go to bed. Baekhyun had given Jongdae a bucket of water to put the fire out with and turned around to throw some of the supplies back into the tent. When he turned around, he was greeted by the wonderful sight of his boyfriend peeing on the fire.

“Jongdae! What are you doing?” Baekhyun whisper screamed.

“They do this in the movies so I wanted to try it!”

“You can't do that in the public!”

Baekhyun crawled into the tent in embarrassment. Only his idiot would do something like that.

Jongdae crawled into the tent a few moments later and gave his boyfriend a sheepish smile. Just when Baekhyun thought all the horrors were over, Jongdae cut the cheese. It normally wouldn't be a problem, but in such a confined space, Jongdae’s natural gas was potent.

“Oh my god, Dae! Unzip the tent. I need air.”

After the conflict was settled, Baekhyun told Jongdae that he was never taking him camping again.

Jongdae pouted, but he knew that was what he deserved. He had done a lot of dumb things today like burning Baek's hotdog, calling the camp manager a mister when she was actually a misses, and falling off the edge of the dock and taking his boyfriend with him into the icy waters.

He had basically butchered the camping trip, but there was something he never screwed up at. Jongdae smirked as he got closer to Baekhyun and placed his hand on the nearly asleep boys crotch. The other stirred in his half awake state as Jongdae added more pressure.

“J-jongdae, what are you doing?” Baekhyun said once again with his infamous whisper scream.

“Just be quiet and let me make you feel good.”

Before the other could protest he pushed him down and sat on his chest. He leaned down and connected their lips in a deep kiss. He licked into his boyfriend's mouth and sucked on his tongue. Baekhyun let out a soft moan and Jongdae pulled away.

He reached for a pair of (hopefully) clean boxers and put them in Baekhyun's mouth despite the others protests. He then lowered himself down Baekhyun's body and pulled his hardening cock out of his sweatpants. He kissed the tip and then sucked in into his mouth. Jongdae could hear Baekhyun's muffled moans as the tip hit the back of his throat. Blowing his boyfriend was something he was always good at.

Jongdae could tell that Baek was really getting into it so he was surprised when he pushed his head away. He rolled over with his gag still in place and grabbed something out of his bag. He threw it at Jongdae and it hit him in the forehead with a bonk!

Jongdae grunted in irritation, but it switched to shock when he saw that Baekhyun had brought a bottle of lube on their little camping spree.

“Are you sure you want to do this? People could hear!” Jongdae said while imitating his boyfriend's whisper scream. Baekhyun nodded and practically begged him with his eyes.

Jongdae lathered the slimy liquid onto his fingers and slid the first digit into Baekhyun's awaiting hole. Baek hadn't bottomed in a while so he was tight and it took a lot of prep for him to get ready.

When Jongdae pushed in, Baek grabbed the pillow and shoved it into his face. Jongdae knew every move that would make the other come undone. Every angle to thrust that made Baekhyun scream. Both men reached the end very quickly. Just as he was about to come, he pulled the gag out of the others mouth and locked their lips together. Baekhyun's last drawn out moan was muffled by Jongdae’s mouth.

Jongdae pulled out while still panting and plopped down on Baekhyun.

“I take…..what I said……..back.” Baekhyun said between pants.

“About what?”

“Not taking you camping again.”

“I didn't realize that you had a kink for public sex.” Jongdae said with a smug look.

“I didn't know that I did either, but if you promise to do what you did tonight everytime, then I will gladly take you camping again.”

“I'm glad you changed your mind.” Jongdae said as he snuggled closer to his lover.

“Next time you have to promise me something though.”

“Anything you want, baby” Jongdae said with a suggestive wink.

“Jongdae, don't pee on the fire again.”

“Fine.” He sighed.

They settled down and finally fell asleep. Right before he closed his eyes, Baekhyun recalled all of the events from earlier on in the day and smiled. While it may not have been Baekhyun's favorite camping trip, it certainly was his most memorable one.